Monday, May 23, 2011


This gorgeous hotel is located along the" Marina Bay waterfront in Singapore, the $6 billion Marina Bay Sands resort hotel features three 55-story cascading hotel towers with 2,500 guest rooms, a museum, two theaters, a Las Vegas-style casino with 1,600 gambling tables, floating pavilions, and retail stores featuring cutting-edge labels, in addition to trendy “Celebrity Chef” restaurants.
That submarine shaped structure atop the hotels is the 2.4 acre Skypark. The skypark was designed by Moshe Safdie Architects who merged art with nature and architecture. The centerpiece of the Skypark is the Olympic size Infinity Pool, so named because the edge of the pool seemingly vanishes into thin air. Don’t wade into the pool if you’re afraid of heights.
If you should happen to topple over the edge, you will land in the double filtration pool just below the pool’s ledge. The filtration pool filters the water, heats it and returns it to the pool. I checked, and no one has died going over the side of this pool." Source:, atliens blog 

If you would like to visit this amazing hotel go to to book your vacation. This is definitely at the top of my vacations list!

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